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Dear Bellamy Young,





You are delusional and apparently have not watched a single episode of your own show. The flashbacks have not proven anything about why Fitz and Mellie are still together! If anything they make us wonder how the hell they are still even functioning such a horrid union. You need to stop! It’s just…

See its her delusion, combined with shonda’s spitefulness, is why I honestly believe mellitz and the continuation will ojoke will be in store for s4.

Smh will not be watching the show this Fall until they can get it back on track to the show I once knew S1/S2.

My fear is they’re running out time and shonda doesn’t care about getting the show back on track. I want to be wrong. But I can see her pursuing mellitz. Given Bellamy is one of her pets, I think shonda will satisfy Bellamy’s tony thirst by writing them as a couple…and of course keeping ojoke together with some love scenes where joke is shirtless satisfies shonda’s thirst for Scott. While none of this makes a lick of sense or represent pairings the majority wants to see, the last 27 or so episodes have shown that logic and sense are not necessary requirements for writing this show…plus they don’t seem to care about the fans much any more! So…

Yeah, well I’ve made the decision to stop watching altogether until the writing is at least descent next season. I’m not interested in Ojoke/Olake or Mellitz. Those contrived relationships, B-613 and Shonda/Co’s writing has destroyed what this show once was. They have no choice but to get back to OPA cases of the week in S4 because they’ve exhausted the same shit for two whole seasons and still no progression. It’s tired, through and damn delayed. Also, no one with 20/20 vision or a good pair of prescribed glasses is interested in seeing SF shirtless..ever again. I said I’d watch for OPA, but even now I won’t since Columbus is having so many issues in his personal life and I’m sure Harrison is toast on the show. Unfortunate because he was a fav, but it’s just too much of a big hot mess for me. And I’ve quit other shows for much less than this so I will not be watching, but I will continue to support Kerry, Tony and some of the other talented cast members as well as reblog Olitz.

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Justices approve state bans on affirmative action




I have no words

This is why it’s very important for the Dems to win the White House in 2016. This court still leans too far to the right.

Very imp. Many people don’t not consider the importance of the sitting president to be able to appoint life long judges to the Supreme Court (which, there’s absolutely no reason why this position should have no term limit). We must hope that a dem (Hillary?) wins in 2016…it would be awful if RBG doesn’t leave before Obama’s last time to appoint and a rethug wins. Hopefully a dem wins and one of the conservatives (Scalia or Thomas my preference) has to leave for some reason so that a dem can appoint another, so then there will be more libs than conservs on the bench.

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